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Empowering HRIS Professionals

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A community for the people who make HR technology work

Through peer-to-peer collaboration, tech resources, knowledge-sharing, career development events, and more, we help professionals stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of HR tech.

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Who's this for?

System Admin Insights is for anyone who's elbow-deep in HR tech, whether you're a seasoned pro or still figuring out which button does what. We're talking:

HRIS Admins

You know your way around Workday, SAP, or whatever fancy system your company's using.

HRIS Managers

Juggling projects, processes, and people? Yep, you belong here.

IT folks with an HR twist

Juggling projects, processes, and people? Yep, you belong here.

Accidental techies

Somehow became the "HR tech person" at your company? We've got your back.

HR analysts

If you're crunching numbers and making sense of HR data, come on in.

Curious HR generalists

Want to level up your tech game? This is your spot.

Elevate Your HRIS Expertise

Cutting-edge HR Tech workshops ​

Best practice sharing from industry leaders ​

Stay ahead of evolving workplace trends and regulations.

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The community platform 

Hear from our members


Success in System Administration is not a solo journey 

Through peer-to-peer collaboration, tech resources, knowledge-sharing, career development events, and more, we help professionals stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of HR tech.

  • How is SAI different from the vendor's own customer community?
    Vendor-hosted communities primarily offer official documentation, standardized training, issue escalation processes, and corporate communications. In contrast, SAI provides: Live events facilitated by experienced practitioners Moderation by paid consultants with both process and technical expertise A platform built specifically for social sharing A vendor-neutral environment, allowing members to communicate more openly without sales pressure A focus on advancing the HR operations profession as a whole, covering topics beyond just specific products, including discussions about various HR technologies In essence, the difference is theoretical versus practical knowledge. While vendor sites focus on how their specific product should be used, SAI offers a broader perspective. It helps you understand how companies are actually implementing and using a wide range of HR tools and technologies in real-world scenarios, spanning multiple products and vendors across the HR technology landscape.
  • What is your stance on product promotion and referral revenue from HR tech vendors?
    Our approach is balanced and transparent: 1. Product Showcasing: We regularly evaluate HR tech solutions and feature high-quality products on our platform, considering both the technology and the support team. 2. Customer Recommendations: When we make specific product recommendations to customers, we do not accept any referral revenue. 3. Technical Demos: We host in-depth, no-fluff technical demos to expand members' familiarity with a wide variety of solutions. For these, we charge a fee to the vendors and may receive referral revenue if a company independently decides to proceed with a solution after attending a demo. 4. Ethical Standards: We maintain strict ethical standards. We never accept payment to recommend a specific product purchase to our clients. Our goal is to provide unbiased, valuable information to our community while maintaining integrity in our business practices.
  • Are separate memberships required for multiple team members from the same company?
    Companies interested in having multiple staff participate in SAI will need to purchase separate licenses. Multiple licenses are included with our corporate membership tiers.
  • What courses do you have planned for release in 2024?
    We have two courses scheduled for release later this year. In Q3, we plan to release "iCIMS Dashboard Reporting from A to Z", which will go through our unique methodology for configuring iCIMS dashboards to drive maximum user adoption. Additionally, in Q4 we plan to release "HR System Administration 101", an introductory course covering essential skills for HR system administrators. Topics include change management, increasing user adoption, managing stakeholders, data governance, resolving conflicts, collaborating with IT teams, and more best practices for effective system administration. Both courses will include office hours for discussing course content.
  • Can my employer sponsor my membership?
    Yes! Many members have used their employer’s corporate card when signing up, and others have received reimbursement from their employer when using their personal credit card. You may wish to customize this letter of justification and provide it to your employer to advocate for reimbursement, or for them to cover the expense directly.
  • I'd like to pay by invoice instead of using a credit card. Can you provide an invoice for payment?
    Paying by invoice is only available to Corporate members. You will receive a receipt after purchasing your membership that you can use for reimbursement.
  • Are licenses transferable?
    Yes, licenses can be transferred between users as long as the credit card on file remains a valid payment method. To initiate a license transfer, please submit a request to with the following information: Current license holder's name and email address New license holder's name and email address Reason for the transfer Our team will process your request and confirm the license transfer once completed. Please note that the new license holder will assume full access to the account, including any saved preferences, settings, and data associated with the license. If you need to update the payment method before transferring the license, please contact our sales team at for assistance.
  • Will you be offering SHRM recertification credits for participating in SAI or taking courses through SAI?
    We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to offer SHRM recertification credits to our members soon. Stay tuned!
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